Candles for a Unique Christmas Celebration

DIY candles How to decorate the upholstery with magnificent decorations inspired by the soft light of the candle and magnifying Christmas.

diy candle christmas orange idea diy easy

Christmas is coming and it’s time to think about Christmas decorations. Candles are a great way to decorate your home decor with soft, warm light. This publication shows you how to make candles and candlesticks yourself with candles and tutorials. We will start with an easy project and will release a project that actually takes more time but is actually worthwhile.

DIY Decorate your Christmas candle ideas yourself.

1. Christmas Candle with Cinnamon Scent

One of our favorite perfumes in autumn and winter is cinnamon. This DIY project is really easy. To make this aroma candle with cinnamon you need:

  • Cinnamon stick
  • Odorless candle
  • Resilient

Wrap your stretch around your candle and push your cinnamon stick back and hold it in place. Insert as many as you want. The amount required depends on the candle size actually chosen. For final decorative touches, you can add ribbons, hemp or whatever you like.

DIY Christmas Cinnamon Candle Deco Making

This idea can also be realized with bay leaves or rosemary. The principle is very simple: we decorate the candlestick with the help of a flexible band. Child’s play?

DIY Christmas Cinnamon Candle Deco Making

2. DIY Christmas candle with orange (easy)

Winter is also the season for Orange and Clementine. They are delicious and healthy, and are perfect for making beautiful candles in minutes. To make a DIY candle in orange, you need the following:

  • Orange
  • Olive oil
  • knife
  • candle

Make yourself a DIY candle orange Christmas decoration

Bring the orange as shown in the picture below and at least cut the skin with a knife. Please cut your skin. Leave the orange as is. Then use a large spoon, please gently remove the skin of the fruit.

Pour a small amount of olive oil into the room and wait 1 to 2 minutes until the skin and wick are submerged in oil. Put the wick, wait a few more minutes, and turn it on. You can use other parts of orange to make a good lid.

You can also use a small wick of fruit as a candle wick. You can try this project as grapefruit instead of orange.

Make yourself a DIY candle orange Christmas decorationMake yourself a DIY candle orange Christmas decoration

Grapefruit is easily turned into a candle.
DIY Candle Grapefruit Candle Handmade - ChristmasDIY Candle Grapefruit - Make yourself a candle

3. Clementine and Christmas Candle and Candle Holder Christmas

The difference is that this recipe DIY candle uses clementines instead of oranges almost the same as before.

  • Clementine
  • Olive oil
  • Extra knives
  • Candle wick
  • cloves

Clementine Project DIY Candle

Gently cut the center of Clementine evenly across the skin. Gently remove it by gently working with your fingers under your skin. If you have at least one skin with an undamaged wick, place it on a solid surface flat like a bowl and pour olive oil on the floor to form a generous puddle.

clementine-project-diy-candles Clementine Project-DIY- Home Made

You will want the oil to penetrate the skin and clementine wick for about one minute before attempting to light it. The skin will actually absorb a lot of oil and make it more translucent. While the bass shell allows you to absorb olive oil, this is the perfect time to make a candle cover with the other half of the shell. Cut the desired skin shape.

Very cute little candlestickCandle DIY-made orange candle

Once your skin is oiled for about a minute and you’re ready to use your hat, it’s time to light up a candle with Clementine. This can be a tricky part because the wick actually takes a long time to catch the flame.

Candle - Orange - DIY Project

Clementine Candle DIY - Eto'oClementine - Ideas - Candle DIY CandleClementine Candle Natural DIY - Ideas

When the width was satisfactory, the edge of the cup was stuck to the entire dried clove. Not only did it smell good, but it also allowed me to adjust to the season a little by adding some ornaments.

Clementine's Candle DIY - An easy-to-think project

A candle made with Clementine can last for hours. It is sometimes necessary to add some oil. At first, the candle was not easy to break, but if you burn for about 10 minutes, the shell becomes hard and you can move easily.

Clementine - DIY Candle Easy IDEE

Home made candles with rosemary and lavender scentsDIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself

4. DIY candles smelled with rosemary and lavender

Candles can be made at home using beeswax, olive oil, and soy flakes. Here we present how to make soy flakes. The ingredients needed to make two DIY candles that smell rosemary and lavender are:

  • 4 cups of bean curd
  • Two wicks with metal pedestal
  • 20-30 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 20 to 30 Droplet Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Two glass or metal jars
  • Shark sticks or utensils brewing wax in a jar
  • Two large clothes pegs
  • washcloths (optional)

DIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself

Boil water in bain-marie (or in a large glass bowl placed on top of a cup filled with water). When the water boils, reduce heat and add soybean crumbs. Always stir the soy flakes until they become liquid. This step can take up to 5 minutes.

DIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself

When the beans are liquefied, turn off the heat and soak the metal tip of the wax in the wax. Press the metal part with a skewer or stick to place the end in the center of each candle container until the mixture is in place. The wax acts like an adhesive to hold the metal tip to the bottom of the candle holder.

Once the metal tip is secured to the wax, carefully attach it straight into the mouth of the jar using solder and a jar (placed in a bottle).

Pour the wax very carefully (it is helpful to use a bowl or a measuring cup to hold the liquid). Add the essential oil to the wax (not to burn while cooking). According to the recipe, we add 15 drops of each oil to each pot. Mix the wax and essential oil gently using a skewer or baguette.

DIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself
Wrap the jars in a dry towel to prevent the wax from cooling too quickly, shrinking or cracking. This last step is not mandatory, but it is helpful if you are afraid of cracking.
Place the candle for 24 hours until the candle is completely cooked. Once in place, remove the clothespins and paper, and then cut the top of the beats to 1 inch.

DIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself

The same idea can also be realized with shells. Shell shells are not typical Christmas decorations, but how about creating a beautiful candlestick for Christmas? You can decorate with them or present them to someone as a Christmas gift.

DIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself

You can also make this recipe using egg shells. How interesting and original? DIY Christmas Candle Ideas Deco Easily Make Yourself

5. Wax and DIY candles

This candle recipe is the most classic recipe. It is not difficult to accomplish. All you need is the following:

  • beeswax
  • Candle wick
  • Glass jar
  • Containers for molten wax (metal is ideal for this)

Wax Candle DIY-DIY Ideas - Candle Deco - Christmas

Place beeswax in the container / can. Please put about half of the pot full of water. Boil at moderate temperature and stir with wax occasionally. In the meantime, prepare the pot and eyelashes.


The goal is to stay in the middle of the pot while pouring beeswax. This can be done in a number of ways.

  • Use a glue gun to attach the wick to the bottom of the pot.
  • Fix the wick to the pan with glue.
  • Use a tap tab strip to hold the wick.
  • Use a pencil or stud to maintain / stabilize the wick.
  • Or use a combination of these methods.

DIY Candle Wax Idea Handmade Christmas Decoration Original

Once the wax is cooled, we cut the wick, turn on and enjoy this beautiful handmade candle!

Regardless of how the wick remains in the center of the smell. For example, you can place a small glue on the bottom of the wick to attach it to the bottom of the jar. Then wrap the wick over a small stud so it will not fall over. Finally, the molten beeswax is poured into the pan, leaving 1 inch of space atop. Remove the pot from the side and let it cool completely. Make yourself a DIY candle Christmas decoration

Metal boxes are easily transformed into candlesticks.

Candle DIY Top Deco - Christmas

You can use a gland cap instead of a glass or metal pot.
DIY Candle Christmas Hat Cave Idea Homemade CandleHandmade Candle Ideas Christmas Candle Holders Decor ChristmasDIY Candle Christmas Deco House Make Your Own Candle Holder

The glass jar turns into a pretty candle holder.

There is nothing simpler than making your own candlestick. Instead of throwing glass jars, turn them into candlesticks! You can leave it as it is, or paint it and decorate it. It depends on the time and tools you can dispose of.

With simple paper, you can make this DIY candlestick holder Christmas with a star. To do this, you need:

  • Glass jar
  • candle
  • paper
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • Paint or pencil (optional)
  • Ribbon, beads or other decorative items

DIY - Candle ETOU - DIY - Candle Deco - ChristmasDIY - Christmas Deco Candle

Start cutting the paper to the desired shape. On the Christmas side we choose a star or a fir. If a star or fir is cut, put it on a glass jar! If desired, add other small decorative items such as ribbons, beads or guitars. You can also color the paper.

Apple-to-pin DIY Candle Idea Deco-NoelCandle Metal Christmas Decoration - Fireplace

You can also decorate candlesticks with fabrics, sweat glands, pine cones, or fill the pots with a colored variety for interesting decorative effects.

Candle Deco Ideas - DIY Deco - ChristmasDeco - Candle DIY - Candle Deco - ChristmasChristmas Deco - Candle Idea

We also like the idea of ​​decorating the candlestick with only three elements. Simple and pretty! You will need burnt leaves, bay leaves (or other plants) and candles. Apply the leaves using a burlap as shown below. Here your candy candle and candle holder are ready in 5 minutes! Deco Sheet Easy DIY - Candle Deco - ChristmasCandle DIY Idea Deco - Christmasdiy candle christmas idea brico deco diy easy

Gold colored Scandinavian style candlestick on a marble surface
Christmas Candle Making Candle Holder By Yourself

A hanging candlestick is a very practical idea for outdoors. Idea Candle Stop - DIY - Candle Deco - Christmas

Candles: simple and pretty Christmas decorations everywhere

Candles are not reserved for Christmas. It can be used for any party or occasion. DIY candles and candle ideas can be part of your birthday, Easter and wedding decorations as well as Christmas decorations.

Pot Deco - Candle - Ideas - DIY Candle

For example, you can see that candles are perfect for decorating the centerpiece. With the help of candles and pine cones you can do amazing things! It is not difficult to make your own candles as you have seen, but it is also true that there are many candle models in the store. Purchased or made by yourself, candles are a necessity for Christmas decorations!Candle center deco idea table

Tricks to Successfully Celebrate a Party at Christmas

     In the office, with friends or family, we all attended Christmas parties. But this time it’s up to you to configure and animate it. What should I do and how can I succeed? The following lines provide ideas for decorations, meals, cocktails, and Christmas games. The ideas presented here are suitable for adult Christmas parties.

Christmas party decoration idea star paper garland Christmas parties: Ornamental ideas, snacks, cocktails and games

Christmas party decorations can be either classic (red, green, white) or themed. In fact, the decor is the first to have an idea of ​​what the guests will see and what the evening will be like. You can bet on fascinating Christmas decorations, give less attention to games or choose a simple yet fun decor, and invest more in building games and animations. The ideal choice is not just the impressive fun hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, but all the tastes that everybody likes and of course, everything in the game is a harmonious whole.

Christmas Party Idea Decoration DIY Ball Christmas

You can also use the recovered item or purchase it directly from the store. Your decision to create your own design may be a follow-up to a creative weekend before the dinner party or Christmas party. Christmas decorations make fun hats and masks and games! Here are some ideas on how to make Christmas party decorations.

Christmas party decoration garland diy ideas

Christmas party garland diy paper idea original

Making garlands is a breeze!

Nothing more festive than wreaths. It is also easy to make and requires only basic materials such as scissors, glue, and rope. To create a pretty wreath, you can use paper, cardboard, fabric, pine cones, glands, or other suitable items. You can also create party decorations for parties with some kind of creative game.

Making Christmas Party Wreath PaperWreath Christmas DIY - Idea DecoChristmas Deco - Wreath Making

Decorate Christmas balls

Christmas balls are part of every Christmas party. You can make it yourself or buy it in a store and decorate it later. Felt, paper, stickers, etc. can be used for decoration.

Ball - Christmas Deco IdeasBalls Christmas Deco - Nightlife - Christmas IDEE

A crownless Christmas party? impossible!

In any party, his crown and Christmas party are no exception. Creating a crown is not complicated. Typically, a base such as a hanger or crown base should already be created. The latter can be found at all specialty stores. Based on your choice, we can start decorating with all sorts of things that make us think about Christmas. There are many ways to make Christmas wreaths. The choice of Christmas garland manufacturing technology depends on your desire.

crown-diy-idea-noel crown-noel-child-diy Crown Christmas Merdeko

Appetizers, starters, desserts and cakes

Meals are essential for a good Christmas night. Very often, we make this first acquaintance with unknown guests and try to steal more around the table. Generally, all the dishes are stored at the party and a table is made available for everyone to serve on their own. Appetizers are easy to eat and easy to eat, so it’s perfect for a party. We do not need plates!

Cocktail recipe

It is important to provide a variety of menus to the guests that are not excluded by anyone. Some are vegetarian or vegan, others like to eat meat. We must respect everyone’s tastes so that no one feels excluded.


A classic Christmas entrance enters in the evening.

One of the easiest Christmas entry recipes is crostini or bruschetta. To do this, you must put bread, olive oil and some ingredients.

For vegetarians and vegans, you can make crostini with vegetables and cheese. Predators can have ham, cheese, fish and capers. The recipes are really diverse! Easy Christmas entry For more ideas on recipes, check out recent publications on this topic. Here you will find 10 recipes. Also, do not forget to separate the vegetarian diet to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Drinking Evening - Christmas - Ideas

Another perfect idea for a Christmas party is to make cookies and short bread with ginger and cinnamon. There is a recipe for cookies with only three ingredients: flour, butter, and sugar. This is a basic shortbread recipe that can be enriched by adding lemon, cinnamon, ginger, chocolate chips or whatever you want!

Games - Deco - Festive Gifts - Christmas IDEE

Cocktails are a must for a successful Christmas party.

In the winter, people usually drink hot drinks and red wine. Red wine is always a good idea, but it is not necessary for a festive Christmas party. To make changes and more original, we suggest to our guests to offer a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the form of cocktails, refreshing drinks, lemonade and even tea, herbal tea and coffee. And yes, some people really like tea and herbal tea! Mint tea is refreshing like Coca Cola. Now we offer our five favorite cocktail recipes. All cocktails are alcoholic.

Drinking Night - Christmas IDEE

1. Christmas sangria with cranberries and rosemary

This Christmas Sangria is a simple and delicious recipe that will make your Christmas party happier with your meal. Sangria is on the bottom of the wine. The best is to choose light white wines. Here are some of the factors you need to realize:

Two bottles of Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay
3/4 cup sparkling apple cider
1/4 cup cranberries, cut in half.
3/4 cup whole cranberry
1 chopped green apple
Rosemary three spices

Ready :

In a large pitcher, mix all the ingredients in large wooden spoons. If you like, you can add brown sugar or sugar to the mixture to give it a more sweet taste. Put in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Serve fresh and decorate with rosemary!

Sangria Recipe - Ideas - Nightlife - Noel

2. Jack Frost Cocktail

Vodka, pineapple juice, blue curacao and coconut cream create the most delicious, most beautiful and most festive holiday cocktails!

ingredient :

Coconut flake
8 cups of ice (slightly different depending on desired consistency)
1 cup of pineapple juice
1/2 cup blue curacao
And 1/2 cup of vodka (or light rum)
1/2 cup of coconut cream
Light corn syrup or honey glass border decoration

Ready :

Begin by preparing glasses. Pour a thin layer of corn syrup on the plate and soak the edges in the corn syrup, and then soak in the coconut crumbs. In the blender, combine ice cream, pineapple juice, blue curacao, vodka and coconut cream with your desired consistency. Pour in glasses and serve immediately.

Cocktail - Blue - Ideas - Christmas GamesCocktail Blue Jack Frost

3. Manhattan Fig Cocktail

The figs are delicious and are part of many autumn and winter dishes. They can also be used to make great tasty cocktails.

ingredient :

Ice sculpture
Bourbon 100ml
50 ml of Vermont
Injection syrup
2 figs
One piece of orange

Ready :

Cut the fig on the branch. Mix the syrup with the white paper and the fig on the blender. Add ice cream, Vermont, bourbon and oranges. Mix again to provide ice-cold glasses. Use the other half of the fig to decorate the cocktail.

Cocktail Recipe - IDEE

4. Mango Bellini cocktail

Peel the ripe mangoes, cut them into small pieces, mix them in a blender with 100 ml of champagne, mix them in a soft puree and divide them into two champagne flutes. Pour slowly to avoid overflow, cover with cooler champagne and enjoy!

Cocktail Fresh Meals - Christmas IDEE

5. Aperitivo spritz

Place ice cubes on the bottom of the wine glass. Place a 50 ml aperitif (Aperol or Campari) in the glass, then add 25 ml of carbonated water and fill a glass of champagne.

Aperol's Cocktail Recipe - IDEE

Christmas game for a lively and fun evening

And here we go to the game … Playful or good. Everyone likes party games especially at Christmas time. They are a great way to break the ice and allow guests to take part in the fight. The trick is to choose the right game based on the dynamics of the group and the themes of the Christmas party. With that in mind, we gathered a perfect party game idea and opened a Christmas party. It is always a good idea to keep a variety of Christmas games in mind. Some people like board games, but others prefer dynamic games.

Night-time-of-Christmas - Ideas - Games

1. Guess the number decorated on the tree.

This Christmas game idea is a great way to start a Christmas party by inviting guests to guess the number of Christmas trees when going to a party. This is a very easy game and you can give the winner a small prize if you wish.

Yard Deco - Christmas - Ideas - Games

2. Travel to know each other

This game is a great way to break the ice and get to know everyone. The idea is, we put his name on a small paper and put all the little paper in the box. Then everyone picks a small paper in the name of the written guest. He has five minutes to learn more about the person in question.

Festivals - Christmas - Ideas - Nightlife - Christmas IDEE

3. Christmas Movies

We all know a classic Christmas movie! This game requires little preparation and we can decide to play at the last minute. Prepare a list of classic Christmas movie names. Use only in an emergency!

Balls Christmas Deco Ideas

4. Christmas Chad

The obvious story is a classic game and a great icebreaker, keeping the guests in the spirit of Christmas games. When creating a list of Christmas blinds, consider using phrases or titles of movies or Christmas songs.

Mask Christmas Deco Ideas

5. Gift Exchange Game

If your Christmas party includes a gift exchange, place this fun Christmas gift exchange game before opening the gift. When you exchange gifts, you are making funny poems that make everyone laugh.

Christmas - gurilande making game

Board games are always a good idea for animation.

If you do not have enough time to prepare the game in advance, board games are a way to keep the evening vibrant without always being at the forefront. If you are not playing a board game at home, ask the customer to bring it back to you or better bring it to you. Purchase your favorite board game and make it a gift!

Ball of Christmas - Christmas Day - Christmas IDEEBall christmas cute cat

Everything is rhythm.

Last but not least is music. Sometimes we invest too much money in unforgettable decorations, cooking and games, which is one of the most important things for party success.

Ball - Christmas Decoration Ideas

At first, the music should not be too big or too sweet. If you have trouble creating a playlist, ask a friend when you are making friends or know your friend DJ. Creating playlists of music is not easy. Music is very important for the atmosphere you want to install at a Christmas party. After meals, cocktails and games … you should dance now! Do you feel happy when you dance?

So, are you ready to prepare your dream Christmas party? All ideas presented here apply to any other party of course. Do we really need a chance to celebrate life?

Nightlife - Camouflage - IDEE - Festivals - Noel

Christmas Cocktail IDEE - Nightmare - Christmas IDEEIDEE - Noel of cocktail evening

IDEE - Nightlife - Christmas Theme Evening - Christmas IDEE

10 Tree Ideas Make Christmas Very Beautiful

     Begin preparations in early November to create original decorations for the holiday season! Of course, the original Christmas tree decorating idea is central to this preparation.

From now on, create a beautiful collection of ornaments to decorate your home.

On the following lines you will be inspired by original Christmas tree decoration ideas and a series of creative projects. Find out how to make Christmas trees by creating suspensions, stars, snowflakes, candles, and ornamental crystals!

Wooden beads and Christmas tree decoration ideas

DIY Deco-fir Christmas-A-do-it-yourself nerd tree

This first Christmas tree shows you how to make a beautiful suspension in the shade of a festival using wooden beads as an ornamental idea.

Deco Ideas Christmas Tree Original a-do-soi-meme

material :

  • Wooden beads
  • Wires of different sizes
  • Black and gold spray paint

DIY deco-stop-to-tree-of-the-Christmas-it-yourself


Spray six medium sized wooden beads with six large wooden beads of black paint and golden spray paint on the workbench. Leave six unpainted medium sized wooden beads.

Christmas tree idol idea original wood-diy

If the pearls are dry, place them on the rope. Fold the rope in half and tie the knot. Put three beads in the string and repeat until you get six beads.

Christmas Tree Ideas Christmas Tree

Idea with tassels and Christmas tree decorations

DIY deco-de-fir-de-Christmas ponpoms

Sake is a cheap Christmas tree decor and cheap. As you can see, it is very easy and fast to do. Here’s how!

material :

  • Thick hairy yarn in the desired color
  • Thin ribbon or string (optional)
  • Corrugated board
  • Scissors

Fir Christmas - Original - DIY Deco - Ponpoms


First, you need to give your ornaments, or pick out a slightly larger cardboard. Draw a circle with a bottle or cup. Make sure the circle is the same size as the future decoration.

Makeup - Decorations - of - Christmas - Own - Ponpoms - Tutorials

Then draw a small circle inside. This thread should be large enough to allow the thread you want to use to pass through.

A tree of thought-deco-of-a-Christmas making-it-yourself

Cut the circle with scissors as shown above. We wrap a tassel pattern on a thick and fluffy thread. The more wires you pack, the more bulky. When the ornament is wound, cut the thread.

Make-up-decorations-of-Christmas-self-fir ideas

Then cut the wire about 8 centimeters long. Wrap around holes and wires, and then tie them as tightly as possible. Use a pair of sharp scissors and cut directly to the center of the circle.

Fir-de-Christmas for stop-original-A-do-it-yourself

Use the ribbon to decorate the Christmas tree. When the required length is determined, cut the ribbon. Push the ribbon through the knotted thread in the center of the cheering.

Christmas tree with stars for fir tree cover Original idea

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Original Ball-Gold

Complete the interior with original Christmas tree decorating ideas on wooden foot covers. Use them to make shiny stars and decorate the fir tree cover fabric!

Idea Deco - Fir Christmas - Original - DIY Plump

material :

  • Light colored fabrics (you can use your own colors)
  • Shiny fabric
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper sheet

E-a-deco-fir-de-Christmas DIY-Eto-gold


Print a star pattern or cut multiple stars. Try different sizes of stars to create a more original DIY Christmas deco.

Fir Christmas - Original Deco - Etu - Plating

Turn the decorative paper sheet upside down. Draw the number of stars required to decorate the foot cover fabric.

When the star is cut, the fir tree cloth is unfolded. Place the star on it as desired.

Cassette Fir Christmas - Etto - Plating

Mainly focuses on the visible part of the fabric, the front part of the tree. Different size stars should be used.

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas with Original Suspension

Tutorial - Deco - Christmas Tree - Original - DIY

Here, the Christmas tree has a unique and very original idea. It’s also not really difficult to copy!


material :

  • Thick rope
  • Thin rope or thread
  • Small ceramic pot
  • Some artificial plants
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue guns and glue
  • Paint (optional)

Christmas tree decoration idea original suspension-doree


To realize this original Christmas tree decorating idea you can use your favorite plant type. The important thing is that plants look realistic in small decorative pots.

Deco - Christmas - Original - How-to-It-yourself model

Plus, you can even make your own feeling of plant leaves if you want to show your decoration more creatively and craftsmanship.

The first step is to cut six of the same size strings. The length of the thread may vary depending on the size required for the pot.


He then makes a big knot and leaves a small tail. Then we make three knots, each consisting of two different strands.

Now create three knots to join the other strands. You can review this technique in detail in the photo above.

Now the pot can sit at the center of the water. The last node, the top node, is the node you add when you add the plant. Stick the plant to the pot using a hot glue gun.

Tutorial Decoration Tree-Of-The-Christmas-Make-It-Yourself

Paint on pot

If you have decided to paint the pot, it is time to do it now. After painting, dry completely.

Then add the pot to your support. Make the last knot and cut excess.

By repeating this process, DIY original Christmas tree decorations can be made to fit the tree!

Crystal Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Fir Christmas - Original - Thought deco-A-do-it-yourself easy

Using crystals is a goal of this Christmas tree decorating idea, adding a brighter and more festive atmosphere. The following is a list of materials and instructions for reproducing them.

Fir Christmas Deco - original-A-do-it-yourself-tutorial


  • crystal
  • spun gold
  • tongs
  • knife
  • Small brush

Deco de fir Christmas-A-do-it-yourself-tutorial


Use a brush to paint the back of each crystal with golden paint. Try to make a golden border around the sides.

Makeup Deco-Medium-Original-Christmas Tree-Tutorials

Then take the yarn out, start at the end of the yarn, and bend around the spirits. Wrap all the edges of the crystal and start where you want.

DIY Deco - Christmas Tree - Original - Thought Suspension

When you get to the starting point, bend and cut the wire. Then wrap the left tail from the beginning and secure both sides.

DIY Decoration - Trees - of - Christmas and Stone Minerals

To make the wire safer, push the loop up a little. Then add some glue points and keep them safe. Let the adhesive dry completely.

Toy-to-tree - Christmas - original manufacturing

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for Recycled Ornaments

Deco Tree - Christmas No price idea decoration - is - how-it-yourself

Here’s how to recycle old ornaments to create new and original Christmas decorations.

DIY Deco - Christmas No Price Ideas - Modern

material :

  • Old plastic ornaments
  • Velvet fabric
  • branch
  • Pine branches
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Fashion Christmas Deco - Love-to-do-it-yourself


To complete the first part of this project, drill a hole in the top of the decoration.

Deco Tree - Christmas Idea No-Price Do-It-Yourself

Then cut the fabric. Fold the fabric around your ornaments and paste all the extra fabric into the holes.

Idea Christmas tree made of wood

Decoration-of-Christmas-to-do-it-yourself-DIY Deco Wood

Decorating this idea Christmas tree, we recommend creating a wooden candle that gives your wood a slightly vintage feel.

Candle shape ornamental

  • Small stick
  • almond
  • Hot glue
  • Wooden pliers

Decoration-of-Christmas Trend Wood Natural Material-A-DO-SO-MEM

Candle-shaped wood ornaments

Now hold the rod and add hot glue to the tip. Attach it to the hole of your ornament. Add pine twigs.

Deco - Christmas no price original decoration - fir - DIY

Place the rest on a stick of almonds and clip on the floor. Cover pliers with pine tree branches. Let’s dry it before it hangs on your tree!

Silver snowflake shaped Christmas tree Original idea

Tutorial - Deco - de - Fir - One - to - Christmas Star Silver

Snowflake decorating Christmas tree beautifully? That’s a good idea!

Idea - Decoration - of - Fir - Christmas No Price DIY

material :

  • Toilet paper roll
  • hone
  • tongs
  • glue
  • Pictures
  • ink


To make a snowflake, mark the segment on a roll of toilet paper. These should not be perfectly accurate. Try to make it the same size.

Decoration - Christmas No Price Ideas - Is - How - Is - Yourself

Then cut the piece, squeeze it a little and then get an oval shape.

Model Deco-de-fir Christmas -A-to-Self Ideas - Original

Each snowflake requires 6 segments. Pull the adhesive out for 15 to 20 minutes while drying, and use forceps. Once the glue dries, remove the pliers.

Makeup Deco Tree yourself Christmas model

The next step is to go to drawing. You can use white on one of the snowflakes or use a metal color on the other snowflakes.

Suspension Deco - Fir Christmas Original - Idea

Another option is to give the final product an excellent feel. Spray glittering snowflakes before the paint dries. Then dry it.

Christmas tree decoration idea with paper star

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Original Paper Design - Scandinavia

Some original Christmas tree decoration ideas do not require much material. This is only made with corrugated cardboard!

Deco - Christmas - E - U - Paper - to - You - Eto


  • Corrugated board
  • Painting (optional)
  • Star model (optional)
  • A sewer
  • Scissors
  • rope

Model Deco de Noel-A-do-it-yourself star paper


To realize this Christmas tree decorating idea, you can print the model as a printer on a cardboard. Another option is to use a star-shaped paper ornament. The third possibility is to draw stars directly. Cut the star and draw a line using the ruler. Fold along the line.

Makeup her-own-decoration-on-the-christmas-star's paper

Use a piercing device to make holes in DIY Christmas decorations. Push your yarn into the hole and tie it to the Christmas tree. You can also use these stars to decorate gifts during the holiday season. Write a short message for each star if you want.

Christmas Tree Ornamental Idea

Tree - Christmas Deco - DIY - Ideas - Original - - Do not Love

DIY Recycle old items to make Christmas decorations. Decorate your tree with creative ornaments with scrapble letters below!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Black scrabble letter
  • rope

Makeup Deco-of-Christmas No Price Thought-Doodle Letter


Arrange your tokens in scrambled letters to create interesting Christmas phrases.

If you are satisfied with the results, take a hot glue gun. Please paste the letters one by one.

Deco-de-Christmas Tree - Expensive - Idea - Stop - Graffiti

You can also put a piece of corrugated cardboard on the back of your creation according to the shape of the ornament. This serves as a support and makes the decoration stronger.

Deco - Expensive - Christmas Tree - Two - Stop - Fir

To finish, cut the wire and attach it to the back of the ornament. If the glue dries, you can decorate the Christmas tree with DIY!

Deco fir No-price do-it-yourself-graffiti

Examples of Homemade Christmas Wreaths

     Do you want handmade Christmas wreaths? Explore 15 beautiful wreath making suggestions and tips this year!

Christmas birchbark handmade garland3

Pompoms2 Homemade Christmas Wreath

It’s time to think about your Christmas decorating ideas and plan. Garlands are an ideal way to decorate corridors, walls, fireplaces, entrances or other household elements. Please do not think of the wreath just as good and cheap!

Fun Homemade Christmas Wreath

1. Homemade Christmas wreath: Country amulets

Garland de Noel made man-made country charm
Creative decorating with wreaths made from pine cones adds to the country’s charm for holiday alumni. This homemade Christmas project offers many creative options. A combination of small or large pine cones, or both, will make many wonderful Christmas tree garland decorations. Changing the string or ribbon with a pine cone can give a new look.

Garland de Noel - home made - charm - campagnard3

This Christmas decoration is suitable for all space needs as the pine cones can be attached to any size rope and wrapped in imaginable shapes. Pine cones provide a rustic charm for Christmas decorations.

Garland de Noel - home made - charm - campagnard22. Handmade Christmas Wreaths: Fun and Simple
Garland de Noel - home made-amusante2

This simple and fun Christmas Garland Decoration idea wishes your family and guests a happy Christmas. You can make this fun and pleasant wreath with 5 simple materials with red and green paper, adhesive letters, scissors, mini clothes pegs and straps. This wreath is suitable for creating animation of the holiday festivals in classrooms, bulletin boards or other walls.

Garland de Noel - home made-amusante4

The background color can be adjusted to complement any decorating idea. Lettering and color schemes can be customized to celebrate Christmas as well as any occasion. This makes it an attractive decoration for Christmas or any time of the year.

Garland de Noel - home made-amusante3

3. Homemade Christmas wreaths: Pompoms and ribbons

Garland de Noel - home made - memorable

Christmas wreaths are adorned with glamor and ribbons to make this handmade Christmas project perfect. A string of brightly colored strings tied with tassels is a valuable addition to any holiday decorating idea. This Christmas wreath decoration requires some crochet technique. It is made of red with blue and white pompoms, but all colors that match your decor ideas work perfectly.

Garland de Noel - home made -pompoms4

This is another project not limited to Christmas holidays. It can be made in any color to decorate any occasion.

Garland de Noel - home made -pompoms3

4. Homemade Christmas Wreaths: Holiday Spices

Garland de Noel - home made -epices3
Christmas wreath decorations just smelled delicious. Who knew that the orange peel could be blended with cloves to make a beautiful wreath? This unique decorating idea creates a holiday charm using orange peel cuts with a cookie cutter. All shapes of cookie cutters work, so only imagination and cookie cutters are available.

Garland de Noel - home made -epices2

By accenting on the highlight of orange admiration with cloves, the pieces exudes the delicious smell of holiday spices. Other shells of citrus will also be useful and will add a delicious accent to the scent of the holiday. Combining this wreath of light wreaths and holiday spices will be another option for handmade Christmas decorations.

Garland de Noël - Home made - spices

5. Handmade Christmas garland: Simple charm

Garland de Noel - home made homely

If your style is simple and natural, this Christmas garland project is for you. The beautifully rustic style of this wreath transforms the long strip of jute fabric into a ruffle. We take the fabric to make sharp, sharp clothes. The light brown or beige color of hemp does not appear artificially, but stands out in the green of pine branches.

Garland de Noël - home made - trustique3

Garland de Noël - home made - trustique2

If you hang this unique piece of burlap from your tree, you will create a unique and simple look. Ideal for ideas of country or rustic style decoration.

Garland de Noël - home made-securityique5

6. Handmade Christmas garland: roast

Garland de home cooked four of five made Noel

This baked Christmas garland project is a delicious treat. This classic Holiday Gingerbread Man is a fun and unique decor idea.

Garland de home cooked four of two made Noel

Garland de Noël Homes-made cuisine crust

You can use a cookie cutter to cut custom holiday messages in gingerbread dough. If the cutting message is properly cooked, tie the bread or bread and make a wreath that makes the baker happy.

Garland de home cooked four four made Noel

The whole family can enjoy this project together. Parents should monitor the mix and cooking, and the child will want to engage in cutting and stringing.

Garland de home cooked four of No3 made by Noel

Garland de home cooked four eight made Noel

7. Handmade Christmas Wreaths: Colorful Felt Strips

Garland de Noel home made - feel out of band

This idea of ​​simple and fun decoration consists of felt strips connected to wool. In fact, everything will expire instead of threads. The stings, strings or whatever is effective. You start with a small strip of felt colored in various colors, then tie it to the thread to make this fun and attractive felt garland.

Garland de Noel - Home-made-of-the-band feutre2

Garland de Noel - Home-made-of-the-band feutre3

Anything on this project is difficult, but it takes time. This project is ideal for bad weather when you just want to be at home. You can use color combinations when creating your own holiday decorations.

Garland de Noel - Home-made-of-the-band feutre5

Garland de Noel - Home-made-of-the-band feutre6

Garland de Noel - Home-made-of-the-band feutre78. Handmade Christmas Wreaths: Holly Paper

Garland de Noel - Home-made-on-Christmas - papier2

The decoration of Christmas garlands can be as simple and attractive as that of paper holiday. All you need is green and red paper, festive red and string or string, glue and scissors. Cut green paper and leaves of leaves or leaves in red, and attach them to the yarn, you can simply make an attractive wreath.

Garland de Noel - Home-made-on-Christmas - papier3

This paper garland project is a project that children want to help. She is beautiful hanging around a railing or bulletin board or image, or wrapping a Christmas tree. You can hang from anywhere. It is an attractive addition to your Christmas decorations.

Garland de Noel - Home - Made - On - Christmas - Paper

9. Handmade Christmas garland: The beauty of birch bark

Garland de Noël - Home - Made - Shell of bouleau4

Garland de Noël - Home - Made - Shell of bouleau5

Do you remember we made the base paper chain from construction paper, glue sticks or staples? The idea of ​​decoration is their adult version. However, we use birch bark instead of construction paper. The birch bark makes a beautiful natural appearance and complements the country style Christmas decorations.

Garland de Noël - Home - Made - Shell of bouleau6

Garland de Noël home made-of-the-birch bark,

The birch bark’s white and black colors give it an ideal eye for the Christmas season. You can hang it anywhere in your house. The beauty of this birch bark is an easy project to add a simple charm to your holiday decor.

Garland de Noel - Home - Made - Shell of bouleau3

10. Handmade Christmas Wreath: Golden Sparkle

Garland de Noel - Home made - Spark DOR

The sparkling Christmas lights are reflected in the entire room of this sparkling golden wreath. Create a relaxed atmosphere that invites the pleasure of a holiday, the goal of any holiday gathering. Shining gold coins are united to make this sparkling wreath. It may be a simple and easy project, but it is a great help for holiday decorating ideas.

Garland de Noel - home made - spark dor5

Garland de Noel - home made - spark dor4

Your guests will admire beauty and brightness, and you will know where you have bought it for a long time. Then it would be your choice to tell them the secrets of how to make it.

Garland de Noel - home made - spark dor2

Garland de Noel - home made - spark dor3

11. Handmade Christmas garland: Colorful pine cones

Garland de Noël - home made - apple-to-pin colorees2

Use this cheerful and sweet wreath to add fun and fantasy to your Christmas decorations. The outer edge of the pine cone is lightly painted with white paint to give the illusion of winter. As if the snow was slightly frosty. Then, a few balls of brightly colored felt are stuck to each pine cone to represent the holiday tradition of sugar jelly.

Garland de Noel - home made - apple-to-pin colorees5

Garland de Noel - home made - apple-to-pin colorees4

Garland de Noel - home made - apple-to-pin colorees3

Finally, fun pine cones gather on a simple string to create fun and attractive decorations. The charming decor of pine cones favors children and young people.

Garland de Noël - home made - apple-to-pin colorees

(12). Handmade Christmas garland: dot pattern

Garland de Noël - Home-made - Design - Peas
This fun and festive Christmas wreath has been a great addition to party decorations. Red and green polka dots in Christmas tradition 3 light fabrics. They are accented with white and cut into strips and knots around green silk ribbons. The edges of the polka dot fabric are cut with grooved scissors and give the band an interesting texture. You can use a variety of different fabrics to create different shapes. This wreath can be applied to any party decoration using different colors.

Garland de Noël - home made -magnolia3

Garland de Noel - home made -magnolia2

The natural glossy green of this wax-like leaf brings the beauty of the outdoors indoors. The natural waxing of this magnolia leaf is dark green and maintains endurance and lasts long indoors. This leafy glitz is an attractive addition to the nature of your holiday home decorating ideas. And find your craft supplies in a better or cheaper place than in your backyard.

Garland de Noel - Home - Made - Magnolia

Garland de Noel - home made -magnolia5

In the northerly climate, where the magnolia does not grow, pine trunks can be an interesting alternative. Another option would be to make a good vacation call to go to your local florist for the holly leaves.

14. Homemade Christmas Wreaths: DiceFelt cut

Garland de Noel-Cout de Feeling

Several shaded wreaths of green feel make this an attractive Christmas accent for your decoration. Its simplicity gives it childlike elegance. The simplicity of the wreath can be easily created even for beginners. A simple style consists of multiple shades of green felt cut into a uniform tree. The cut tree is slipped or stuck on the green line. The stencil keeps the cutout uniform. Without the stencil, the cookie cutter will work. Try to make wreaths of different shapes and colors for a little variety.

15. Handmade Christmas wreath: Lantern

Garland de Noel - Lantern-to-papier3

This wreath radiates the soft, warm light of the lanterns. The bottom of this wreath is a simple white cord with a white strap. A small white cup is covered with beautiful decorative paper.

Garland de Noel - Lantern-to-paper

Garland de Noel - Lantern-to-papier2


Some are hard and others are impressive. An “X” shaped cup can be placed on the bottom of each cup to glide in clear light. This creates a kind of shade for every little light. The color and paper printed on the cup will cause the light to shine through the light.

Garland de Noel - Lantern-to-papier6

Garland de Noel - Lantern-to-papier5

Garland de Noel - Lantern-to-papier4

The Best Idea for Christmas Decorations Inside and Outside the House

     The New Year holiday is a great opportunity to experiment with bright decorations for inside and outside the house. So we decided to combine the most beautiful DIY Christmas decor ideas on the web.

Whether you’re looking for an example of a table lamp or an original piece to decorate a Christmas tree, you can be inspired by our suggestion.

DIY bright Christmas decorations for inside or outside

In recent years there are several interesting variations of DIY bright Christmas decorations. Paper lanterns, mini pendants for Christmas trees, even the whole town can brighten the candle every evening to decorate the home beautifully. You can also recycle some glass jars and transform them into a unique Christmas center.

Didier Deco Light Christmas Photo Paper Lantern

It is advisable to try large lanterns for the exterior of your home. If your area is cold during the Christmas holiday, do not miss making one or two ice cream decorations. Browse the pictures below and read the detailed instructions,

How to decorate a house interior brightly

Deco Lighting - Christmas-A-do-it-yourself Lantern

To get you started, we explore a series of exciting bright decorative ideas for completing the interior of the house.

DIY A lantern to make yourself with bright verdant Christmas decorations

DIY bright decor of noel-to-do-yourself-in-paper

As for DIY bright Christmas decorations for interior, paper is a material that gives us a lot of different options. To tempt us in the planning of paper lanterns is that they are accessible and easy to manufacture. In addition, you can tell your family to help your children to cut or paint your lamp.

Diméco light Christmas lamterne paper

Our first project DIY light Christmas Deco is just made of paper. These are corrugated paper cones placed over small candles. If you want to use a lantern for a party atmosphere, we recommend cutting a star-shaped hole on a piece of cardboard paper. If you feel like it, you could also decorate the surface of your creation with bright paint. Another option is to paint with a lantern and sprinkle with a little sparkle.

Decorate a cone-shaped lantern on the fireplace or at the concert table around the Christmas tree!

DIY bright decor ideas using white paper lanterns

Decoration Light - Medium - Christmas Manufacturer Turns

If you like working with paper, you can also get inspiration from white lantern photos for a bright green decor. This white paper is perfect for your Christmas activities because the colors match the seasons perfectly. And, if these DIY bright decorations can not be used outside, it can, however, successfully decorate your fireplace or your dining table during the holidays.

DIY Deco Light - Christmas - Lantern - Paper-To-Do

All the beauty of this paper Christmas lanterns is their decoration. This is done by cutting the paper itself in the form of a small motif doll. The diversity and richness of this doll depends entirely on your imagination. If you have time, try to replicate the natural and inspired Scandinavian pictures. Otherwise, choose a simple form such as a snowman.

Do not miss the extra holes on the entire surface of the lamp. This is the best way to increase the power of a creative lantern. Finally, please complete the transparency sheet to look through the inside of the engraved lanterns. For this, a simple option is to use cooked paper. And that’s it! You will now see a bright Christmas DIY deco in your living room.

DIY bright Christmas deco with village lights

diy bright deco de-noel-lantern-metal-a-do

Do you like composing for Christmas decorations because you like original compositions? Then how about building a whole town with lights? To do this, create a surface that will distract the bright DIY decoration. Spread white tablecloth or other similar textile to mimic the shape of the snowy landscape. Then discard the doll to occupy the central part of the village.

You can use a variety of things to create a village house and other buildings. Metal housing like the picture above is a very good option. Another possibility is to bet on porcelain dolls sold in stores. People who want to make their own figures can be made of cardboard sheet or salt dough.

diy deco light Christmas - lantern - village idea

When you order your ancestors, add bright decorations to your town. If you are using a light, look for candles when sliding inside the building. Otherwise, use a light wreath. It is recommended that you purchase a battery wreath for ease of operation. This eliminates the need to connect the composition to an electrical outlet.

Is there a lot of wreaths? So do not hesitate to stop one or two on the mini Christmas village. Finally, please complete this beautiful landscape with natural decorations. Gather some tree branches and place them around town. Use artificial eyes to make them look more colorful and thematic!

Making bright paper lantern for Christmas tree decoration

Idea Lantern-A-Paper Self Decoration Lighting

Desigmag has many creative and original Christmas tree decoration options. With this idea of ​​DIY bright decoration, we shall complete our collection! In fact, this beautiful little lantern is ideal for making your Christmas tree beautiful. They are made of small pieces of paper attached together to look like mini-basket types.

If you like bright decorations, you can use this basket to place candles.

Makeup - Lantern - Christmas - On - Paper

Make a basket of colored paper or white sheets. Use the confetti in the basket to decorate them. Another good idea is to use a decorative tape strip of the Wasash tape type. It allows you to strengthen the bases of your baskets and add color contacts at the same time.

diy bright decoration lantern-of-noel-ideas

Once you have made all of your baskets, decorate your tree branches or Christmas trees with your basket.

But be careful, in any case, do not leave light decorations with paper and candles without surveillance!

DIY Bright Christmas Deco for Party Table

Thought deco light - table for DIY - Christmas

Let’s not forget about the DIY light decor for the interior and the lantern for the Christmas table. They can be made very easily at home and can be successfully used as a center.

Table of Christmas Deco Lanterns - A-do-it-yourself

To make them at home, you will need some empty glass bottles. You can freely choose which decor you want to use in your jar. For example, you can color inside or outside of a jar. Otherwise, put the color of the jar as natural color as shown in the picture above, red, white and green.


To lighten the foundation of the DIY decoration, put a little salt in the jar. The salt is ideal for this project because it makes you think outside eyes. It is also a cooking ingredient we all have in our homes. It is recommended to use an amount corresponding to about 1/3 of the volume of the jar. Then decorate the pot. Put candles, fir branches or beads inside as you wish!

DIY bright Christmas table decor with snowy jar

DIY-of-Christmas Lantern DIY Deco Salt

Here is another creative project of DIY bright decoration for the Christmas table. It is also made of glass jars, and this simple jar has a distinction to give a snowy look. This is a very easy project to decorate the party table at the last minute without asking for specific materials.

DIY Deco-De-Christmas Light Lantern Salt

Prepare an empty glass bottle to try to make this bright Christmas table decoration. Cover the outer surface of the jar with glue to protect the small part of the top of the jar. Immediately, apply crystal salt with glue. In this way, the salt replicates the appearance of the snow-covered surface and is fixed on the glue.

Makeup - Lantern Light - Of - Christmas - House - Deco - The - Table

As shown in the picture above, dry the green and red key bottle before decorating. Finally, put a candle inside and place a creative lantern in the middle of the Christmas table!

Christmas Deco DIY Ideas with Lantern and Fir Ball

Idea Composition - of - Christmas - DIY Lantern - White - Red Ball

Do you like bright decorations? So you will have many lamps at home. The following two projects are recommended to create original compositions of living space using one of these lanterns.

Lantern - Deco - of - Interior for Christmas Table - Ideas

This project is very simple and very fast to achieve. It consists of thematic decorations such as lanterns and Christmas balls or pine cones.

Composition Noel-A-do-it-yourself-red ball

The ball reflects light with a shiny surface. They mimic the flame of a candle in your flashlight. If you do not have a ball, you can also use natural decorations such as pine cones. To give them a brilliant look, simply cover them with gold and silver paint.

Christmas composition Idea lantern

Deco - Lantern - Christmas - Ball - Colorful - IDEE

There is another similar interior project here. To try it, you can paint the lantern you have in your home with metallic colors.


Complete the interior of the lantenre with a Christmas ball. For a more impressive result, try a golden or silver ball.

Deco-of-Christmas Lanterns - IDEE Activities - Easy Manual

Finally, do not forget to decorate the lantern with the ribbon and accessories in the subject color!

Bright Christmas Decoration Idea for Outdoor

Lantern whippers - Christmas - Outside Deco - DIY - Idea

Now let’s move on to an exciting idea for DIY outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lights Decorative Christmas Lantern DIY

Deco-Thought-of-Christmas Lanterns - Outdoor - DIY

Our first idea of ​​DIY decorative lighting for the outside is as a bedside lamp ball.

Lantern Christmas - Outside-A-DO-SO-meme.jpg

Use one or more balls to create creative lanterns outdoors. For that, start by decorating the ball. Then add the DIY lid. For example, you can use old metal cans to make something similar to what you can see in old lanterns.

How-To-A-Deco-Light-Christmas DIY

Use a battery-powered candle or candle to turn on the DIY Christmas Lantern. And now, your original decor for the outside can be revealed before your house!

Outdoor Christmas decorations with ice decoration

Idea Deco Lighting - Outside - of - Christmas Ice

Enjoy the weather and bright DIY decorations outdoors with an ice lantern.

Decoration-of-christmas light-lantern glacee

This requires two containers. One should be smaller and the other larger. Fill the space between the two with a little water. Add natural decorations if desired.

Lantern glacee de Noël-er-manufacture-it-yourself

Please keep the lantern time in the freezer. Then she will be ready to exhibit in front of the house!

Brightly decorated idea for christmas ice lantern outdoors

Ice Lantern - A-DO- and Ball

Here is another idea of ​​a DIY bright decoration with an ice lantern. Unlike the previous project, it was made with balloons filled with water.

Lantern Christmas-A-do-it-yourself-outside

When the flask is ready, place it in the freezer. The next day, take your creature out of the freezer and decorate it with a candle before exposing it to the outside!

IDEE - Noel Deco - Lantern with whippers - ball

How to decorate your home with Christmas lights

Lantern Outside Deco-of-Christmas-to-House DIY

Finally, if you have a few lamps in your home, use the outdoors creatively and beautifully. There are some examples of DIY bright decorations you can try this year!

Idea Deco-de-Christmas - outside lantern ball fir

Composition-of-a-Christmas-do-it-yourself-deco lighting

Deco Lighting - Outside - of - Christmas-to-Home IDEE

DIY Deco - Outside - of-a-Christmas Candle Composition

Decoration - Outside - of - Christmas - Lantern Candle

Creative Idea of Decorating a Christmas Tree

     If you do not have a lot of space at home, there is a possibility to provide a small Christmas tree instead of a big tree. And that’s a good idea!

Enjoy a festive atmosphere with a small Christmas tree to save your living space.

Small Christmas Tree Ideas - Deco - Modern - New Year

Natural or artificial small trees are often chosen as a complement to more sophisticated decorations, especially in the homes of a few square meters. Here, for example, we offer a mini tree to decorate living room or house entrance. Some families like to associate a small tree in one room of the house and a Christmas Christmas in another. Needless to say, small trees are suitable for all types of interior decorations, including apartments that are arranged under the slope.

How to decorate a small Christmas tree?

So, how to decorate a small Christmas tree? What are the options for beautifully decorating the mini tree to enjoy the festive atmosphere this season? The following lines use a variety of modern Christmas tree decorating options. Consult them and imagine perfect decorations inspired!

Christmas tree decor with original jar cache

Breakfast Fir Christmas Artificial Decoration - Minimal IDEE

A small Christmas tree does not necessarily require decorations provided. In fact, this type of wood is popular because it can literally invite party atmosphere without decoration! Just put a tree in a flower pot or other similar container. Then imagine a minimalist decor to hide the pots and vases!

Mini Christmas Tree - IDEE Deco - Type of Modern Style

There are many options for Christmas tree pots. For example, you can put a tree in a vintage wooden box. You can also recycle the wooden box and use it as a wooden foot cover.

Breakfast Fir Christmas Deco - Ideas - Red - Green - Models

Another interesting and trendy option is to wrap the pollen of the Christmas tree using paper. If you like natural decor, think of a braided pot cover that you can prepare for your present. Try to create a bright town to complete the space around a small Christmas tree. I recently talked about how to create other options in this article.

Minimal Christmas tree decorations

Mini Christmas tree decorations - on white - Autumn trend

Do you have an artificial Christmas tree? It is wonderful if you have already decorated it! No additional decoration is required in this case. Use it as an accent by installing it in the corner of your house!

Decoration - Small Tree - of - Christmas Room Modern Design

Do you prefer natural spruce? Think about your desired options for potted trees or large fir trees. Small potted pines attract us from Designmag’s article. It is easy to move.

Small Christmas Tree Decorated Fireplace Idea - Design

It can also be installed indoors without additional accessories. You need original ideas to decorate the pot of wood. And after the holidays, you can plant trees in the forest with your family.

Breakfast - Christmas tree Natural deco - Minimal camera

The Christmas tree was cut. If you do not have time to look after living trees, that’s the preferred solution. Because, as we know, the cut fir requires no maintenance. At the same time, they offer the opportunity to enjoy authentic decorations like those in our grandparents’ homes.

Deco - Breakfast - Natural Fir Christmas Tree - Think Mini

Anyway, a small Christmas tree fits well with the minimalist decor. Bet on the natural style, to achieve it. For this purpose, you need pine cones that you can collect on foot. Use them to make suspensions or wreaths and decorate the mini tree!

Small Christmas Tree Deco Scandinavian Minimalist

Another good idea to make minimalist Christmas decorations is to make the trees beautiful with bright wreaths. To realize this idea, decorate all branches of the tree using one or two wreaths. Arrange your back on top of the tree. Do not add decorations.

Neutral Christmas tree decorations

Decoration-of-Christmas Trends IDEE Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments

Neutral decoration is a very popular option in a small Christmas tree. It is also a large fir tree. Simply put, if you have a little Christmas tree, decorations are much needed!

Deco - Minnie - in - Christmas - Nature - Style Minimal IDEE

It mixes gray and pastel tones for neutral Christmas decorations and displays off-white. Glass, paper or fiber is the preferred accessory. Other natural ingredients such as clay are also a good solution.

In any case, it is best to avoid making stops made of plastic. Of course, you can use some of them. However, limit the number to prevent trees from appearing too artificial.

Idea - Small Tree - of - Christmas Deco - trendy stylish

Instead, decorate your own little Christmas tree with neutral colors. As you already know, there are many options for making DIY decorations for Christmas trees that do not give up on the ornaments sold in commerce. We particularly like paper and fabric based projects because they are very cheap with the original. Follow this link to choose ideas to create your decorations.


Christmas tree decoration color

How-To-Decor-A-Tree Mini Christmas Photos

Of course, you also have the opportunity to decorate your little Christmas tree with colorful ornaments. The color is good for the atmosphere, is ideal for adding pleasure to the winter interior. Use all sorts of shades and colors to make a tree stand out.

Tree - Christmas small pot De Fleur - Ideas - Deco - Red - White

It is a classic idea to connect white and red to the green color of the Christmas tree. We like the traditional look that comes in a thousand variations. Red and white are also a color that fits well with other colors of wood. For example, you can complete this color in beige or yellow. The result will be very successful!

Small Trees - Christmas Deco - Ideas - Trend Interior

Some of the possibilities for creating unique decorations for mini trees are based on the use of a single color. For example, choose a variety of ornaments in yellow, pink, gold or silver tones. Bet on various sizes of ornaments to avoid too simple looks.

Small Christmas Tree Deco - Rustic Ideas

Vintage Christmas tree decor is another approach to color palettes. This decoration is characterized by the use of burlap and wooden objects. It is a good idea to choose other accessories that you want to add to a small Christmas tree so that they are well connected with these objects.

IDEE Deco - Small Tree - of - Christmas - House - Style Nature

Is there a beautiful collection of ornaments that my grandparents have received or inherited? Do not hesitate to use it!

IDEE de-Deco - Christmas tree - Breakfast - Trend model

The advantage of a small Christmas tree is that it will look very good with much less ornaments than the ornaments needed for big trees. Enjoy the rest of the ball to make DIY decorations on Christmas themes!

Christmas decoration with mini DIY tree

DIY - Fir Tree Christmas Tree - Breakfast Idea Deco

Mini trees are objects that exist in nature, artificial and DIY! In other words, you do not have to buy a small tree to enjoy the festive atmosphere at home. Instead, you can simply create your own small eco-friendly Christmas tree.

Mini fir christmas minimalist tree-to-do-it-yourself

In recent years, everyone likes DIY Christmas trees. Even those who are loyal to the tradition and continue to buy classical trees often decide to complete the ornamentation with a second ecological tree. Mini DIY wood is made of various materials. Can be made using wood, textile, or even wall stickers. Some are piled up like classic mini Christmas trees, others are placed on the walls of the interior space.

DIY Mini-Tree-of-Christmas-to-Do-It-Yourself-Tutorial

To make such a small ecological Christmas tree, you do not have to be a DIY pro. You can use any kind of material you have. Then decide which party decoration you want. Do you prefer a more usable or minimalist style?

Make-up of wood - Christmas small space DIY deco wall

We will discover new trends in relation to the Christmas tree this year. This is a mini wooden wall made of natural materials. In other words, it is like the picture above.

Mini Fir Christmas Deco - Standby - Japan IDEE

The interesting thing about this idea is that you can combine the two options of natural style and ecological wood.

DIY - Fir Christmas Mini Deco-to-Wall Festival

It is a great solution for those who do not want to cut or buy artificial trees in other words and are not ready to give up the authenticity of a true tree. And you can always finish this tree with the decoration you choose!

How-To-Decor-U-Small Tree-of-Christmas Modern

Pictures of Modern Minimalist Home Decor

     Minimalism is often said to be more than a style of interior decoration. It is a way of life. In this way, minimalism has recently conquered the world. Now he is inspiring more and more people. For this reason, we decided to review this style closely. We thought the home minimalist déco handbook would be useful for someone who wants to adopt this style!

What is a minimalist decor and how do you fit it?

If we have to give a definition of a house minimalist décor, we must say that it should consist of the essential goals: to remove everything that is useless. So the principle of minimalism is “less”. It shows simplicity in its aesthetic aspects and inspires a simple way of life.

Minimalism is not limited to interior decoration. You will also practice your personal style, choice of clothes, things, the way we eat and work.

Deco Minimalist Home - Salon - Color - Pastel - Trends

If minimalism is so popular, it is not only aesthetically appealing but also has several advantages. They are especially easy to understand when observing the typical elements of home minimalist decor. In fact, this style gives us a clean and well organized space. Therefore, it makes us happier and contributes to our health.

Minimal furniture style - trend room color neutral

In addition, furnishings with clean lines provide more space in smaller spaces. This is not the case with the interior of the useless stuff! Finally, the typical calm and neutral color scheme of a minimalist home decor makes any room more quiet.

Smooth styles can save you money because you spend less.

What color is in the minimalist home decor?

Deco-style minimalist pastel-colored kitchen

For many people, minimalist home decor is associated with black and white color palettes. The choice of such a strict shade seems to make the interior sufficiently unattractive. However, you should be aware that actually stylish styles are not necessarily defined in black and white.

Deco - Tablet - Interior - House Minimal IDEE

Consider neutral tint palettes instead of limiting yourself to these colors. Also, choose a complementary hue and do not use strong contrast. Likewise, simplify the number of shades you use to succeed in your home Mini Deco Deco. Remove unnecessary colors and keep 2 or 3 required colors.

EPURE-style minimalist décor - room - furniture design

Consider nesting the same colors with shades and textures deep inside the room. For example, put a gray woolen cushion on a gray sofa. Do you already have a room with neutral colors? Add color touch to the focus!

Minimalist home decor has rhyme with functional, less congested space.

Life-style decor house design in minimalism mode

Living in a clean, well-organized house is not just about people who stick to the principle of minimalism. It is also unique to those who dream of a healthy lifestyle.

Minimal style -EPURE trend deco house

If you want to create minimal home decorations, it’s a good idea to remove everything you do not need. Do you have any accessories that you no longer use? Why give them to anyone who can use them?


Another thing you can do is to limit the amount of furniture you have in each room. Many people still think that furniture is characteristic of space. But in reality, it is not necessarily the case. Instead of purchasing a lot of furniture and accessories, concentrate on functional parts. For example, choose a beautiful light on the table. Or choose furniture in bright colors.

Minimal - Home Kitchen - Deco - Style EPURE

Minimalist home decor contributes to functionality and less crowded interior. When creating a minimalist space, think that a sleek style should contribute to functionality and a less congested home. And it is no matter the size of the accommodation!

What are interior furnishings with minimal home decorations?


The choice of furniture and its shape also affects the style of the living space. It is especially important to inherit minimalist home decor. What furniture do you prefer for a sleek interior? There are a few tips for choosing!

Furniture - Minimalist rooms - Trend EPURE

The shape of each furniture should be simple. Moreover, minimalist furniture is defined as a clean line, as we know it. In this respect, the producers and manufacturers of modern furniture offer a wide range of choices because they offer a variety of solutions that are perfectly matched with minimalist design.

Bedroom-A-Bed For Decoration Style Minimal

For example, if you live in an open space, you can choose open frame furniture. You can bet on furniture that matches the general atmosphere of the house.

Minimalist Deco House Design - Atmosphere - Definition of Nature

Do you like pastel colors? very good! You can decorate your living room or bedroom with pink, blue or pastel greens. This allows you to vary the color palette and bring more personality to your home!

Minimal Decorated Rooms - Scandinavia - Inspired

People who like Scandinavian design and Scandinavian interior are happy to know that minimalist home decor is combined with Nordic sense. They have no problem combining Scandinavian furniture or accessories with the concept of minimalism. Conversely, it allows them to create a unique living space!

Minimalist Home Interior Color Neutral Black and White

Finally, minimalism is also a multi-purpose style that goes well with the natural environment. As a result, there is nothing to utilize the tips below to make an interior made of natural materials such as wood or stone. Better yet, the green plants work very well as accessories to complete minimalist style decorations.

The-Minimalism Deco-Room-A-Bed IDEE

Minimalist House Deco Bedroom - Bedroom - Line

Minimalist Home Interior Dining Area Trends

Minimalist Deco House Kitchen - White-and-Wood

Outdoor Winter Decorating Ideas

     How to decorate an outdoor space adjacent to his house during a fabulous month? What is the option to continue enjoying the terrace or balcony during this time of year?

Designmag looks for this question with a special selection of photos!

Special Deco Winter Terrace Folder – Explore Our Solutions!

In our selected photos, you will find winter terrace decor ideas for a variety of surface areas. As you can see, some ideas can be realized by do-it-yourselfers, but others require cheap and simple accessories. It is up to you to decide what approach you want!

Anyway, these Winter Terrace Deco Ideas will help you optimize your living space. Whether you live in a house with an extension or if you have the opportunity to live in an apartment with a terrace, it does not matter whether you have a small apartment with a mini balcony. Take advantage of our suggestions to create a stunning apartment extension!

Winter terrace decoration as an extension of inner living space

Deco Terrace Winter Balcony Plant Accessories

Before we enter the patio where we decorate ideas in the winter, let’s suppose that outdoor spaces with such decorations are naturally considered indoors. In other words, it is a surface that will be fully used by making it functional and integrating into everyday life. What is the best way to expand your living space?

Such a space would be more interesting in small apartments. In this case, a balcony or terrace may be an ideal extension. For example, it can be used as a restaurant, a restaurant, a reading / office space or a second living room. It all depends on the size of the open space outside.


You can use one of these ideas in the Winter Deco Terrace Winter season to develop a home expansion for the New Year holiday in a bigger house. December There is a fun and modern way to transform a glass or terrace during the month!

Let’s see how to decorate a terrace or balcony during the winter season.

How to design my Deco Terrace Winter?

Terrace Winter Deco Model Chair Furniture

Design You can add more textures to your winter terrace or balcony decor to make your dreams come true. To do this, attach a cushion and a pillow or strap. Our image selection will give you a lot of interesting ideas in this regard!

You can incorporate all the rich textures and quality materials you want to use in winter into a winter terrace deco. There is no reason to bet on one type of texture! Conversely, combining multiple elements allows you to add depth and dimensions to your balcony!

Deco Terrace What accents are added in the winter?

Terrace - Balcony decoration - Winter - Yes

Deco accents for the winter terrace is a good example of synthetic leather. This durable material is really perfect on a cool night. You can also use any kind of soft and cozy material. It is ideal for outdoor chair decoration!

Choose the right lighting for your terrace or balcony.

Terrace Deco - Winter - Spring - Small space photo

In winter, daytime is short and nights are long. For this reason, outdoor lighting is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere on the exterior. Instead of using a single light source, it spreads the light around the balcony.

Garlands or Christmas lights emit warm and welcoming light. We like the impact on the general atmosphere of the balcony or terrace. Add a small spotlight or a fixture like a small table with a lantern and a candle to minimize the impact. This last option is especially romantic.

Add decorative lighting to the balcony in the winter.

Breakfast Balcony outside Deco - Winter - Atmospheric - Northern Europe

Exceeds decorative lighting to create a cozy atmosphere on the terrace during winter long evening hours. Place candles or smelly candles on the table or install adjustable LED lights on the deck roof.

Selection of plants resistant to winter temperatures to complete a deco winter terrace

Deco Terrace Winter Ideas - Small Balcony Plants

There will be plants on the terrace already. But if they are not solid, they will not be able to withstand the winter temperatures. In the latter case, consider replacing it with a strong plant that is resistant to winter temperatures. Winter Terrace is a great way to liven up your decor.

Complement winter terrace decor with cushions and cozy blanket.

Outside Deco - Winter Balconies Pots De Lilies - Interrupted

We have already said that some cushions, warm blanket and cozy straps are essential to add sweetness to the terrace in the winter. Keep in a dry place, especially if the outdoor area is not completely covered!

Completion of winter terrace decoration with Christmas atmosphere ornament

Deco Terrace Winter Heating - Outdoor Ideas

You can also use Christmas decorations outside your living room. How about an outdoor Christmas tree? Imagine how beautiful it is when it starts to snow!

DIYers can especially enjoy outdoor lighting ideas. Go to a lantern, a candle or an icy light!

Which decor should I choose for a small winter balcony?

Decoration - Outdoor Terrace - Balcony Winter Photo

In winter, it is easy to turn the balcony into a fully integrated space at home. Small terraces or balconies are available with minimal furniture and reasonable prices. It is the best solution for a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

On a slightly larger balcony, you can add additional furniture and accessories, such as an outdoor fireplace.

What should you consider when buying winter balcony furniture?

Deco - Scandinavia - balcony terrace model

Let’s talk a few words about the furniture that is suitable for winter in Deco Terrace. When buying furniture for such a space, we always advise you to invest in quality pieces. These will fully withstand the test of time. If you do not have a lot of budget, try betting on some luxury furniture. This investment will be more sustainable and therefore more economical over the long term.

Decoration - Waiting - Winter IDEE - Balcony Furniture Pallets

Deco - Outdoor - Winter Atmosphere Balcony Terrace

Deco - Outdoor - Winter - Terrace - Balcony - Yes

Deco-balcony-winter plaid armchairs outdoors

Balcony Deco period - Autumn - Winter - IDEE

Deco Terrace Winter New Products - Accessories

Decoration Supplies for Your Party

Do mini-type Christmas trees entice you? Do you want to buy a house? We have many interesting ideas to create your original mini Christmas tree and decorate it!

Original Christmas Tree – Discover our Decoration and DIY Ideas!

Having the original mini Christmas tree can be enjoyed by anyone. We like this kind of small tree organized around large trees as an alternative to traditional trees. Mini fir is also used for outdoor decoration. Used in kitchens, children’s rooms and friends’ terraces or in the house.

Mini christmas tree original decoration-de-fete-idee

What I especially liked about decorating the house with the original mini Christmas tree is that it can be decorated nicely in many creative ways. You can bet on a particular style of decoration or create your own ornaments. A better way is to create your own mini Christmas tree from scratch.

Through this collection of photos we explore most decor ideas and recipes for this type of small tree during the holiday season. Let’s start the tour!

Mini fireplace decor with original Christmas tree

Deco fireplace-of-Christmas small pine-IDEE

Small fir, natural or artificial, is an accessory that can be used to decorate a fireplace. The decor is ideal for a month in December. For a more interesting visual effect, you can choose a color that contrasts with the color of the fireplace.

For example, if the chimney is white, try a composition with original and a mini Christmas tree in red and green. At the party in front of the fireplace, artificial trees can be used well.

Small tree decorating pot for Christmas home

If you decide to choose a mini-potted Christmas tree, you may want to place it a little further away from the fire. You can actually dry the branches of the small trees that come out of your house more quickly. An open fireplace may expose you to a fire.

Rather than installing the wood in front of the fireplace, place it on top. This will be highlighted. The flower pot of the mini tree is also exposed to the eye more. For this reason it is important to think of pot caches or other beautiful ways. Feel free to decorate the space around the flower pot! For example, add a fir tree branch or a creative wreath with your chosen color.

Christmas table decoration original Christmas tree

Home of Christmas Decoration for Fir Mini - IDEE

One or two original mini Christmas tree is a very nice way to decorate a party table. For the New Year’s Eve evening or December 25th and 26th festivities, the small trees are a logical accessory for the key items of the Christmas table. In this case, you can use natural or artificial trees.

Fir Deco Mini Christmas Scandinavia Size

After all, whatever the size of your original mini Christmas tree, it would be a good idea to think of some good decorations for this one. In fact, if you decide to add mini trinkets to this type of small tree your table will be even more beautiful!

For example, use artificial eyes to decorate branches of small trees. This idea is particularly good when it involves a table with minimalist decors in white. You can also decorate trees with natural objects such as pine cones. People with cute wood ornaments welcome to use them. They will help them impress the Scandinavian influence on the festive meal!

Mini christmas tree original decorated with DIY pompoms

Idea Deco - Fir - Nature - to - Christmas Tree - Small

If you can accompany the mini decoration provided, the original mini Christmas tree is even more beautiful. Like a big tree, a small fir is much more festive when covered with a ball and other accessories. And there, do not hesitate to add decorations of different sizes and colors!

Small Tree - Christmas Deco - Tassel - DIYMany people who leave their parents decide to buy a small fir. It is a way to create a Christmas atmosphere at home without decorating the big trees. But how can you decorate such a small tree if you do not have many ornaments?

The answer is simple. Make your own decorations! It is simple, friendly and inexpensive. Instead of betting on plastic trinkets, buy some of the ingredients and do lots of original and custom decorations. And you can have fun with your friends.

In the picture above, you can do DIY decor ideas for a mini Christmas tree yourself. You can follow the detailed tutorials provided here.

Mini Christmas tree original decorated with a certain style

Mini Christmas Tree Original Deco Vintage Di

Of course, you can decorate your mini-tree with a certain style. It is an interesting way to complete the atmosphere of the house. For example, if you are using a vintage kitchen, choose this decorative style to decorate a small tree. Or decorate in a rustic style to match the spirit of countryside rooms.

Breakfast Fir Christmas Deco Room -A-Bed Trend

This aproche can also be applied in natural style rooms. You do not have to pay a lot for that. In fact, it is quite possible to create a DIY decoration for your original mini Christmas tree. To do this, dry fruit pieces such as lemons or oranges. Or cinnamon stick ornaments. Pick a DIY variation made with popcorn instead of traditional garlands.

After making enough natural ornaments, wrap each piece of string and put it on the mini tree. Do not forget to imagine a fun way of hiding the feet of a tree!

Create a unique and natural mini Christmas tree

Deco-de-fireplace - Christmas small pine-IDEE

Do you want to make a small Christmas tree to decorate your house? Achieve your goal in a natural way. This requires only a small amount of data. First, take the small branches of the fir. You can cut one from your garden. Or you can untie one or two of the trees you bought during the holiday season.

Often, large Christmas trees have branches that can be kept away from the branches. Do not throw them away! Instead, clean them and make cute mini fir!

Grand Fir-Christmas decoration natural IDEE

Choose a point that is not large but proportional and well supplied. This will help you create an original and even a pretty mini Christmas tree. Cut and trim the branches and take a small piece of wood. It is a good idea to select a small log. It looks more natural.

Use a drill or other similar tool to create a small hole in the log. This should not be important. The important thing is that you can insert it at the bottom of the minitree. To secure more securely, place a small amount of adhesive in the opening. Then insert the mini-tree in and gently press down. And now, your little tree is now ready to be decorated!

Minitri original idea for manufacturing

Breakfast Fir-A-do-it-yourself - DIY deco - Noel

In addition to the options for making natural trees, there are trees of trees made of the materials we all have in his home. So you can decide to make your own tree using a stacked book. This requires a large number of volumes arranged in a pyramid. It is better to write paper stars for the summit. This literally inspired wood style will fit perfectly!

Improve the festive mood of your work by adding strings of light when the project is finished.

Makeup Decoration of a small tree-the-table-of-Christmas

Another idea we like is a small fir made from recycled materials. The top picture is made of old brush to clean the bottle. To achieve this, you first need a top brush that separates the handle. Then dip the brush into a little green paint before doing anything else. Let’s go.

At the end of this step, you are ready to decorate the original mini-tree. Touch with white eyes with some artificial eyes. Then, use small beads of various colors to mimic Christmas balls. You will easily fix them with a little glue on your creations. This cute tree is ideal for configurations that can be placed on a party table.

Mini Christmas Tree Decorations and Making Ideas – inspiration for your photos

Fir Mini Deco - Christmas IDEE

If you are interested in these ideas, do not miss the rest of the images. Maybe you will find more inpsirant projects!

Fir Christmas natural mini deco - exterior

Mini-Deco De Noel of Natural Fir

Noel Red Ball of Christmas tree decorations

Small Tree - Christmas Artificial - IDEE - DIY - Craft

Mini Christmas Tree Original idea-of-deco model

Mini-fir christmas-diy-deco-idea

Mini Tree Deco - Christmas - Ideas - Cute

Mini christmas tree original decoration-cheminee



Deco - Christmas tree - outside - small veranda

Deco de Noel-A-do-it-yourself mini fir

Deco - Breakfast - Christmas tree Natural ideas room - friends